The free exchange of ideas and information is a fundamental component of a democratic society and is what drives my passion for a career in journalism or communications. With access to information, citizens can make informed decisions, empowering them to have control over their own destinies.

Visual presentation of information in the form of graphics, photographs and layout is just as important as the quality and content of the writing. Information must be presented in a way that is easily and quickly understood by a busy reader.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an employment background as a photojournalist for daily and weekly newspapers and a monthly magazine.

While earning an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Advertising and Graphic Design, I have learned the concepts and theory of design while becoming proficient at Adobe Creative Suite software. I have learned to create websites using HTML5 and CSS3.

My writing, editing and photography abilities, combined with design concepts and skills, makes me especially qualified to work in the layout and production of printed or web based communications. My passion for accuracy and attention to detail will make me a great choice for your organization.