My website inauguration

I'm finally ready to go public with my portfolio website, the culmination of three years of pushing myself as hard as I could push to learn new software skills and become a good designer. Getting to this point is something I consider one of my greater accomplishments. Long before coming to Wake Tech Community College to learn graphic design, I had enjoyed a career as a photojournalist. However, I took some years away from that profession to travel and live in Southeast Asia, start a family with my husband, and be at home with my children. During that time, the technology of photography and publishing changed drastically. So when I decided to re-enter the professional world in 2008, I was behind on the skills I needed to go forward. I tried for a while to teach myself Photoshop, but I didn't get beyond the basics. So I enrolled at Wake Tech.

I have been very fortunate for the opportunity to devote my energy to my classes. I have enjoyed the interaction with many other creative students and the attention and encouragement of some excellent instructors who have helped me climb the very steep learning curve I was on. I am also thankful for my supportive family who have all helped me in various ways many times during the last three years. Now that I am near graduation and the end of my portfolio course, I am pleased with what I have accomplished and thankful for all that I have received.

Now it is time for me to give something back. I believe I am now equipped to re-enter the professional arena with a set of skills I once never imagined I would have. Once again in my life, I am filled with energy and excitement to think that what I have to offer can make a  difference in the world.